Changsu Ha

Ph.D. 2018. Samsung Research

​semi-autonomous teleoperation of complex mechanical systems

Myungsin Kim

Ph. D. 2019. Samsung Research

multi-user haptics: passivity-based haptic rendering

Hyunsoo Yang

Ph.D. 2021. INRoL

dynamics and control of aerial manipulation and mobile robots

Hyunjun Cho

MS 2014. Hanhwa Corp.

haptic teleoperation of WMRs with mixed physical/virtual constraints

Inyeong Jang

MS 2016. Tenergy

cutaneous finger-tip haptic device with pseudo-haptic effects

Donghun Lee

MS 2016. Continental AG

RGB-PTAM based state estimation for UAV

Juhyeok Kim

MS 2017. KIDA

under-actuated tendon-driven prosthetic hand

Hackchan Kim

MS 2018. Samsung Electornics

sensing and implementation problem of telerobotics system

Sengjin Kwon

MS 2018. ROKA

cooperative control of multiple mobile manipulators

Rakjoon Chung

MS 2019. Samsung Research

control design of autonomous drift driving

Yonghan Lee

MS 2019. Naver Labs

sensor fusion and estimation problems in aerial robots

Dongwon Son

MS 2020. Samsung Research

learning-based control of interactive robotic systems

Changmuk Kim

MS 2020. Doosan Infracore

expert-emulating planning and control of autonomous excavators

Seongjung Kim

MS 2021. Hyundai Motors

design, sensing and control of

wheeled mobile robots

Nicolas Staub

Visiting Ph.D. Student - LAAS-CNRS

MAGMaS Project

Hai-Nguyen Nguyen

Ph.D. 2018. Imperial College London

dynamics and control of quadrotor-tool system and SmQ system

Sangyul Park

Ph.D. 2020. Samsung Electronics

aerial manipulation: new platform design, modeling and control​

Youngsun Nam

MS 2014. Hyundai Motors

modeling and control of HCCI engine process including misfire

Francis B. Choi

MS 2015. Hyundai Motors

modeling/control of asymmetrically coupled quadrotor UAV

Jongbeom Her

MS 2016. Samsung Electronics

design and control of omni-directional aerial robot (ODAR)

Kent Yee Lui

MS 2016. ASML

passivity-based control of nonholonomic mobile robots

Yongjun Lee

MS 2018. Harnics

multi-modal perception of multi-user wearable haptics

Junyoung Park

MS 2018. Yujin Robot

design and control of UATD robotic systems

Hyojoon Park

MS 2019. KIST / University of Utah

rendering and transparent control of high-performance haptic system

Joonmo Ahn

MS 2019. Samsung Research

sensor fusion and estimation for robotic systems with soft components

Minji Kim

MS 2019. Samsung Electronics

control theory of under-actuated tendon driven robot

Hoochang Lee

MS 2020. MandoHella

data-driven accuracy improvement of low-cost IOT PM sensors

Wonha Lee

MS 2020. Samsung Electronics

mechanism design of small form-factor joint locking

Ilkwon Hong

MS 2021. KIST

modeling, estimation and control of soft robots