Dongjun Lee

Faculty Advisor

Responsible for all the projects going on in INRoL

Kwangmin Kim

Ph.D. Student

​control and sensor fusion for automotive engine processes

Sang-Yun Jeon

Ph.D. Student

cooperative estimation and control of multi-robot system

Seongjung Kim

MS Student

​design, sensing and control of

wheeled mobile robots

Jeongmin Lee

Ph.D. Student

control-theoretic simulation of flexible wires and strings with multi-contact

Hyelim Choi

MS/Ph.D. Student

​control and analysis of robotic systems with complex interaction

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Hyunsoo Yang

Ph.D. Student

​dynamics and control of aerial manipulation and mobile robots

Hoyong Lee

Ph.D. Student

​tandem cold-mill process modeling, estimation and control

Bukun Son

Ph.D. Student

learning-based human-imitating

robot control

Ilkwon Hong

MS Student

modeling, estimation and control of soft robots

Jinuk Heo

MS/Ph.D. Student

​sensing and estimation of

human-interactive robots

Yonghyeok Kim

MS/Ph.D. Student

design, estimation and control for aerial manipulation systems

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Yongseok Lee

Ph.D. Student

sensor fusion for wearable/mobile haptics and autonomous mobility

Changu Kim

Ph.D. Student

​planning and control of industrial mobile and excavation robots

Flin Höpflinger

Ph.D. Student

​design and control of new aerial robotic platforms

Hasun Lee

Ph.D. Student

design and control of new aerial robotic platforms

Minhyeong Lee

MS/Ph.D Student

data-driven control theory for complex mechanical systems

Taekyun Kim

MS/Ph.D. Student

autonomous navigation with unconventional sensors

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Jaemin Yoon

Ph.D. Student

passivity-based interactive deformable object simulation

Jeongseob Lee

Ph.D. Student

​control of dual-arm telerobotic system on flexible support

Jiseok Kang

Ph.D. Student

​sensor fusion and SLAM of

mobile and flying robots

Minji Lee

Ph.D. Student

control-theoretic simulation of soft robots with multi-contact

Seongwook Baik

MS/Ph.D. Student

design, control and estimation

theory of aerial manipulation

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