HCCI Engine Control

We propose a novel modeling and control framework for HCCI engines, which, by utilizing direct in-cylinder pressure sensing, can detect, and react to, the wide spectrum of combustion, thereby, allowing for prevention of, or even recovery from, partial burn; and transient control with incomplete combustion and misfire avoided. For this, we first develop cyclic control-oriented model of HCCI process, in which Arrhenius integral is completely elimintated by quantities based on the in-cylinder pressure sensing. We then propose a nonlinear control based on feedback linearization and scheduled-LQR. (ASME JDSMC2018, Joint work with AESL at SNU)

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Electrohydraulic Excavator Control

Automatic excavator is expected to hit the market soon, significantly improve productivity, fuel efficiency and also safety.  One of the key challenges of any such automated systems is safety.  We develop passivity-based control of electrohydraulic excavator, which, by limiting imparted energy to the environment, can automatically and gradually cease the excavation when unforeseen danger is impending.  We also incorporate MCV, which complicates modeling and control design due to its triggering of fluid circuit switching. 

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