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New Student Opening at INRoL for Spring 2017

We, the INRoL at SNU, are seeking for few new students joining from the spring of 2017. We are looking for students, who are self-motivated, excited about technologies appearing as if "magics", aiming for rigor/precision of research, and willing to learn new things and embark new thinkings on their own.

Successful applicants are expected to have solid understanding (if relevant courses already taken) and strong interests in the fields of robotics, control, dynamics and mechatronics as applied to any of application topics in the INRoL. We are especially interested in applicants in the area of automotive system control, particularly modeling and control of internal combustion engine.

If you are interested, please send your CV (with the list of courses taken and their grades; and any other information deemed helpful) to Prof. Dongjun Lee (djlee at snu ac kr) by 9/30/2016.

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