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ICRA2023 at London

INRoL made some good presence at ICRA2023 at London, UK.

- Jeongmin Lee presented his work on "Large-Dimensional Multibody Dynamics Simulation Using Contact Nodalization and Diagonalization", which was also published at IEEE Transactions on Robotics, 2023 (Open Access,Youtube, Arxiv). Jeongmin was also one of the finalists of the Best Manipulation Paper Award at ICRA2021 as well.

- Jeongmin also presented his work on "Modular and Parallelizable Multibody Physics Simulation via Subsystem-Based ADMM" (arxiv, Youtube)

- Minji Lee presented her work on "Differentiable Dynamics Simulation Using Invariant Contact Mapping and Damped Contact Force" (arxiv, Youtube)

- Jeongmin and Minji received also the Runner-up Award of the Workshop: Embracing Contacts: Making robots physically interact with our world, sponsored by DeepMind (with an Amazon gift card^^) for their joint work on "A Differentiable Formulation for Uncertain Pose Estimation during Contact".

- Youngsun Lee received the Third Best Poster Award of the Workshop: Computer Vision for Wearable Robotics for her work on "Pose Sensing and Feedback Control of a Wearable Robotic Hand".


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