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We participated in CES 2022 and also visited DASL@UNLV

With DYROS@SNU, we participated in CES 2022 at Las Vegas and provided demonstrations of our own-built Haptic Glove, with the precision and robust hand tracking technology (VIST: visual-inertial skeleton tracking), vibrotactile haptic actuators, and our real-time/physically-accurate PMI (passive mid-point integration) simulations of various virtual manipulation tasks (e.g., peg-in-hole, ball handling). This technology can be used for such applications as XR-interaction, metaverse, and robot-hand teleoperation.

This is reported in this article - the below gif is excerpted from there:

We also visited Prof. Paul Oh's DASL (Drones and Autonomous Systems Lab) at UNLV with great and insightful lecture and discussions with Prof. Oh.

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