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Website Updated

Several videos have been uploaded/updated along with publication section.

Newly Uploaded:

- LASDRA (Large-Size Aerial Skeleton w/ Distributed Rotor Actuation, ICRA 2018, Accepted)

- Wearable Cutaneous Haptic Interface with IMU/FSR/Soft Sensors (T-MECH 2018, Submitted)

- Shared Peg-in-Hole Teleoperation of Stage-Manipulator System on Vertical Flexible Beam (IROS 2017)


- ODAR (Omni-Directional Aerial Robot) with Selective Mapping (T-MECH 2018 (Revised))

- Teleoperation of Multiple Distributed WMRs w/ Predictive Display (AURO 2018, Conditoinally Accepted)

- Under-Actuated Tendon-Driven Robot with Adaptive Grasping Behavior (ICRA 2018, Accepted)

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